The Manager. The Creative. The Planner.

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Posted in inspirational by missionnoagency on April 7, 2009

We can foresee some difficulties in trying to sell a name and an ethos to clients without a portfolio of work to the team’s name. The Creative has a sparkling portfolio which might one day be displayed here as does The Manager and The Planner but not necessarily as a team.  

How do we build our equity without doing work in our particular field? It is tough (but doable) to get quality work done without clients.

The answer is productivity. As a team we should write, create, think up anything and everything and brand it ours. These works will also be our product. These works can vary from a poem that The Creative has written, to a song that The Planner thought up on the way to work and even a board game that The Manager invented on a boring Sunday afternoon. We will set this up shortly and link it to the blog. We may even get others to contribute. 

Once we have our bank of works we are a productive entity with a portfolio for clients to see. Each work will be carefully crafted as if it is going to be published, sung by Elton John or distributed by Matel.


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