The Manager. The Creative. The Planner.

No means Yes

Posted in inspirational by missionnoagency on April 7, 2009

The Planner had a very good point during our initial naming process. Our name contained a negative. This meant that we were describing something that we were not. Our reason for setting up was to do something that meant something to us. Other factors also included, the wish to earn more money, the desire for more control over the final result of our toil. The main thing is to actually make something we can be proud of – that actually belongs, in a more meaningful way, to us. If we are to ‘actually make something’ then the mindset from the outset should be that of who we are and what we can positively achieve rather than of what we are not. 

Just so we’re clear, we did not change the name following this debate because it still sounded very cool


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