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What is a brand?

Posted in inspirational by missionnoagency on April 8, 2009

Dan Levitan (master mind of Starbucks IPO in 1992) said, “A lot of people think about brand in terms of marketing or packaging, like it’s a wrapper. For us the foundation of a brand is the psychological contract – the contact between a company and it’s employees and between those employees and its customers. Great consumer companies are built on genuine passion, plus a day-to-day commitment to excellent execution. Employees won’t feel the passion and can’t maintain the operating discipline, unless they feel good about what the company sells and the values it stands for.”

This is certainly something to think about. If only our milk client had understood this! But then again, this pearl of wisdom is probably better suited to companies where employees have constant direct contact with customers. The first place to apply this would be in our own back yard. Only then can we help to create successful brands for clients.

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