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Out of thin air

Posted in crazy, ideas by missionnoagency on April 7, 2009

Why go searching for great brands to advertise when we are perfectly capable of inventing them ourselves. 

Through trend research we will be able to establish what consumers, shoppers and just plain ordinary people who do not wish to be categorized are crying out for. We then invent the brand that appeals to the needs of consumers on an emotional level. The Brand does not yet even represent a product. 

1. Our consumer focused approach provides a Brand that directly answers a certain groups emotional needs.

2. There is the potential to put a group of people to action towards a greater purpose through exposure to this brand.

3. Advertisers/Clients have the potential to attach their products to pre existing brands in which consumers already hold an emotional stake

-How are these ‘Brands from thin air’ exposed to consumers? 

-Not sure yet but it will be subtle.



I call it the Brand Incubator!